Samsung DV300F
Budget Compact Camera
vs Samsung DV150F
Budget Compact Camera

The Guys say...

The DV150F is this year's update to Samsung's Dual View series, and as such it is mostly the same as last year's DV300F. In fact, aside from the new model number, not much has changed. Both cameras have 16-megapixel sensors, though the DV150F's sensor appears to be a different model than the one in the DV300F. But with the same zoom range, sensor size, shutter speeds, aperture range, screen resolution, wi-fi capability, and front LCD size, it's hard to see much of a difference between these two budget cameras.

What’s good about the Samsung DV300F

Best price $200
  • Bigger rear viewscreen 3.0″ vs 2.7″

What’s good about the Samsung DV150F

Best price
  • Slightly cheaper street price $179 vs $200
  • Newer camera February 2013 vs March 2012

What the Samsung DV300F and Samsung DV150F have in common

  • Weigh about the same 3.52 oz
  • Similar Body sizes 6 in³
  • Similar sensor resolutions 16 MP vs 16.2 MP
  • Similar image sensor size 28 in²
  • Similar viewscreen resolutions 460k dots
  • The same maximum ISO setting 3200 ISO
  • Similar optical zoom range 5.0×
  • Same quality video capture 720p 30fps
  • HDMI port
  • 3D capture
  • panorama mode
  • Wi-Fi

What’s missing from both the Samsung DV300F and the Samsung DV150F

  • No HDR processing
  • No GPS tagging
  • No waterproof housing
  • No external microphone jack
  • No RAW capture
  • No hot shoe
  • No flip out viewscreen

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