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Here's how we do it: we create Top Five lists for each type of camera out there, from Pro DSLRs to friendly, cheap pocket cameras. To create these lists we take into account technical quality, features, performance, price, and user feedback. We hand-select the best cameras on the market that are the most likely to give you a satisfying user experience. These are the hottest and best performers on the market, and you can see them all on our home page.

The 2CameraGuys: Evan Powell bought his first camera, a 35mm Pentax K1000 in 1978. Since then he has worked in film with medium format cameras and the Linhof Technikardan 4x5, in both the field and studio. In 1997 he acquired his first digital camera, and has since used digital cameras too numerous to mention. His primary interest is black/white fine art landscape. His work has been shown in galleries nationwide, and his Finnish Congregational Church was featured on the cover of B&W Magazine. Evan is one of the co-founders of ProjectorCentral and has served as Editor since its inception in 1999. Bill Livolsi is Associate Editor of ProjectorCentral who has a passion for photography and an excellent technical knowledge of digital camera operation and performance. He does ongoing reviews, research, and technical support.

Is 2CameraGuys a dealer? No. We do not sell cameras as a dealer or reseller. However, we do buy cameras for review and analysis, and once we are done with them we sell these test samples. But 2CameraGuys is a free consumer information site, and we provide links to resellers from whom you can buy your new cameras.

Is 2CameraGuys financed by camera makers? No, we do not solicit sponsorships from camera manufacturers, and there is no special business relationship between 2CameraGuys and any camera maker.

How do we make money? We rely entirely on advertising and reader donations to pay our bills. Most of our advertising revenue comes from camera resellers. When you buy a camera from one of our advertising resellers you support this site and help keep it fresh and current.